Rebecca (theniwokesoftly) wrote,

ANOTHER PICSPAM! Seriously, I'm having fun here. innoittaa and I were talking about people I'd missed. So here I am. I may be doing a few more of these over the next few days- I've been casting some of my favorite novels in my mind and I'm going to post them.

Jaime Ray Newman:

Joe Manganiello. innoittaa keeps pushing him as Conall for the Parasol Protectorate. It could work if he can do a Scottish accent, but I think he'd make an excellent Shadow if they do the mini of American Gods!

Christoph Waltz:

Amy Adams:

I love that she doesn't seem afraid of aging. The lines around her eyes are gorgeous, actually- they give her distinction.

Alan Rickman:

Danny Forster, aka my future husband:

He makes the BEST faces:

And looks amazingly gorgeous in a beard! Who knew? (Had never seen him not cleanshaven before. Yum.)

Sarah Shahi:

Michael Trucco, and Michael Trucco with Sarah Shahi: (he did absolutely nothing for me on BSG, but I adore him on Fairly Legal!)

Tyler Clippard, a relief pitcher for the Washington Nationals:

LOOK AT HIS GLASSES. LOOK AT THEM. He is so cute it hurts.

And, hilariously, an old blog photo he put online. I say hilariously because this was before he was drafted by the Yankees, and this type of muscle is not really my preference. (For my preference, see Tom Hardy.)

Sean Burnett, also a relief pitcher for the Nats.

Misha Collins:

I love Castiel so much I freaked some girl out at Dragon*Con last year because we were in the elevator with her (and two other people for the same cosplay) and I kept eyeing her and we got off the elevator and I walked up and said "are you Cas?" and she said yes and I hugged her and she was like "ummmm... Sam and Dean are over there?" She was hot, too. Also I was dressed as Luna Lovegood so I think I get a little room to act crazy there.

Diane Kruger is pretty but not always my type except for when she's in vintage style Karl Lagerfeld wins for styling her like this:

Paul Bettany:

I think I'm done for tonight.
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